soft lap of confidence,
Installation at the 'Mother Of Pearl´Jeongja, part of the festival `flora pontemporary´in St.Florian / Austria materials: porcelain, turf, artificial turf, water, waterdefuser, printed curt

In the "Mother Of Pearl" pavilion, individual artistic artefacts blend into the open, close-to-nature architecture. Anne Steinhagen's objects appear like relics from the present time that could be found in a possible future. They reflect value attributions and the temporal dimension of those social and ecological conditions that produce them. Anne Steinhagen's artistic investigations are carried by atmospheres. Installative set-ups of her own material collections and references to museum or laboratory-like stagings are a central component of her works. With "soft lap of confidence", invited by the Mother Of Pearl collective, she designs a speculative archaeology of the present in the pavilion inspired by the Korean Jeongja. Natural phenomena such as fog, reflection and growth processes as well as synthetic materials and cultural techniques such as polystyrene, porcelain casting and digital technology play an important part in this. (text credits to the artist and Lena Reisner) (Photo thumbnail: Jana Madzigon